Welcome to Youth Ministry at Calvary!

We have a great community of grade 7-12 students here at Calvary who desire to grow in both knowledge and experience of God and His Word. We have many opportunities to connect with us throughout the year, so take a look at the various ministry opportunities available. 7/8 Youth is the name of our ministry to grade 7 & 8 students, and 9-12 Youth is the name of our ministry to students in grades 9-12. Find the information you might be looking for below!



For families with preteens/teens up to grade 8, we have a Facebook page called 7/8 Youth - Good News Channel which we are using to keep us connected:

Calvary 7/8 Youth - The GOOD NEWS Channel

For other inquiries, email Matthew Jones here.

Discipleship is at the core of everything we do in 7/8 Youth. As a devoted participant in our ministry you can be assured that there is a plan to take your preteen/teen from where they are to where they need to be as a fully devoted disciple of Christ. Our ministry philosophy is simple: Heart over Hype. We over Me. Give over Get. And our pathway consists of three steps: Believe, Grow, & Build.

We aim to help our Junior Highs mature to a place whereby they are not solely getting caught up in the hype of our programs and events. Exciting age relevant ministry activities & events are important to us but we also invest in Junior Highs to grow them towards attending our ministry activities with a desire for heart transformation to become more like Christ Jesus.

We are deeply thankful to partner with you in your preteen's / teen's spiritual development. Thank you for trusting your preteen / teen to the care of our dedicated and loving workers who have the desire to see them grow in Christ in a warm, safe atmosphere of learning and fun.







Welcome to 9-12 Youth!

We have a great community of high school students in our church who love the Lord and desire to grow in Him. In 9-12 Youth ministries, we continue our church’s three priorities of worship, connect, and reach in specific ways that engage with our students in the life stage they are in, and that challenge and prepare them to continue in their walk with God when they move on to the next stage of life.

At 9-12 Youth, our expression of these three priorities are:

Gain Hope (Involvement in worship together challenges us to worship in every area of life)

Grow Together (As we grow together in Christ, we’ll grow together in community)

Get Ready (Equipping students with God’s Word to serve Him in His world)

What you’ll see below is the different opportunities we have to connect with us throughout the week. If you're a student in grades 9-12 you are welcome to join us at whichever stage you are at, but should be prepared to be challenged to continue growing in Christ likeness.

Sunday Morning Youth Ministry

On Sunday mornings our desire is for our high school students to participate in the corporate worship service with their church family. This promotes a sense of belonging to the wider church family as we worship together, and encourages growth as students are challenged to connect with others who are different than them. While we might not have a separate youth service every week, there are still lots of ways we intentionally connect with youth on Sunday mornings.

Connect Sunday

A separate youth service to promote a higher level of connection between students on one Sunday morning each month. We still have worship, teaching, and prayer, but add in some games and food to make each Connect Sunday a highlight of the month!

Say Hi Sunday

After the service on Say Hi Sunday, meet Daniel and other high school students in room 208 (the room off the balcony) for a special treat and chance to hang out with each other for a few minutes after the service!

Service Sunday

These are dedicated Sundays for high school students to serve in the church in a variety of areas, from parking lot and lobby greeting, to children’s ministry and choir! Whatever your gifts, we’ve got a spot for you! To make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity to serve in the church, contact Daniel at

Sit With Us Sunday

These are Sundays where we sit together in the service as a youth community to worship together, while still worshipping with our whole church family. We’ve got a spot saved for you, so we’ll meet you there!

Sunday Evening Youth Ministry

We believe the being an active part of a discipleship community is foundational to growth in Christ. Our small groups meet on Sunday evenings at 6pm, and are a great time of spending time together, discussing what we didn’t understand or need to apply from God’s Word in the morning, and praying for each other. To get plugged into a small group, contact Daniel at .

Wednesday Night Youth Ministry

Wednesday night youth group is the best night of the school week! We have a ton of fun with great worship, teaching, games, small groups, food, and more! We meet every Wednesday at the 301 campus from 7-9pm. Every week holds something exciting, so you won’t want to miss one!

Our discipleship emphasis at 9-12 Youth on Wednesday evenings is what we're referring to as "The Way." Nehemiah 9:12 says,


We have a God who leads us in His path and calls us to follow. In different seasons many of us lose our way and have lost sight of the way that God has called us to as Christ followers. It is my prayer that if each of us commit to investing in our walk together on Wednesday nights that we will each experience growth in our relationship with Christ.

Upcoming Special Events

We have a number of events planned throughout the year to help build relationships with each other and our community. Check out the current events calendar below, as well as any current event registration links.

Upcoming Registration Links

April 21st, Secret Church 

Spring 2023 Events Calendar


April 2023 Ministry Calendar

Connecting at School

We know it can be challenging in our walk with Christ when we feel alone. We want to help with that. If you’re attending a high school in the area, we’ll do our best to get you connected with other students or teachers who love the Lord, as well as any Christian club running at the school to help you in your walk. Reach out to Daniel at to start getting connected.

Connect with Us

Make sure you get connected with us on Facebook and Instagram by heading to the links at the top of this page.

If you’re a parent, stay in the loop by signing up for our weekly newsletter by contacting the church office at , where we provide any ministry updates, as well as helpful resources we try to pass on as we find them.

If you have any questions or want to talk, please reach out - I'd love to connect with you! I know life gets full with school, work, and other commitments, but I hope you prioritize investing in your walk with God this season in our community here at 9-12 Youth.