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For families with children up to Grade 6, we have a Facebook page called SPARK Calvary which we are using to keep us connected:

SPARK Calvary Facebook Page

For other inquiries, email Pastor Jim here.

Kids and Family Ministries strive to Support Parents And Reach Kids (S.P.A.R.K) in becoming fully devoted followers of Christ. We love children and we desire to see them grow and mature in their relationship with Jesus!

We are excited to partner with you, the parent or care giver, in your child's spiritual development. Our programs and activities are designed with the purpose of reaching kids with the message of the Gospel as well as supporting parents and resourcing them to be the primary spiritual influence in nurturing and discipling their child's walk with God. Thank you for trusting your children to the care of our dedicated and loving workers who have the desire to see your child grow in Christ in a warm, safe atmosphere of learning and fun.


Child Safety

Check-In System

Sunday morning, all children up to Grade 6 are required to check-in at one of our Computerized Check-In Stations. This system helps us to keep your children safe while they are with us Sunday morning. Once you sign in using the touch screen, each child in your family will be given a label and you (the parent) will be given a claim ticket. The number on the claim ticket corresponds to the number on your child's sticker. This number is used to page you during the worship service and is needed when you pick your child up. Each child MUST wear their sticker and you will need to show your claim ticket to pick up your child at the end of the morning. A special sign in/out system is used during special events and summer camps.

Food Allergies & Epipens

All snacks provided at Calvary are nut-free. If your child requires an epipen for food allergies, we require parental permission before giving out any snack or treat. Our leaders will do their best to notify you in advance of any special events involving food so that you will have the opportunity to send in an alternate snack if needed. You may wish to leave a small, labelled bag of treats with your child's leader. We will do our best to accommodate other less severe food allergies, but we cannot guarantee the suitability of snacks served. It is our recommendation that you send snacks with your child if you have any concerns.

In all of our programs, children with allergies requiring an epipen MUST have their epipen in order to participate in any activity or program at Calvary. Failure to bring the epipen to the church means that your child will not be able to sign in to their program that day/evening.


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We look forward to having your children join us for a morning filled with interactive, biblically-based activities and teaching, in an atmosphere that will disciple your children and will see them grow in their own relationship with Jesus.





Kids in Grade 1 - 6, you don’t want to miss out on these great events! Join us for building/craft projects, games in the gym and learning from God’s Word!



March 22nd - BOYS
March 29th - GIRLS
April 5th - BOYS
April 12th - GIRLS
April 19th - BOYS
April 26th - GIRLS
May 3rd - BOYS
May 10th - GIRLS

Time: 6:30pm - 7:45pm

Price: 5.00 per child per event (payment is accepted online or at the church office).

Registration Form: A CLUBS Spring Events form is required for all kids involved (one form for each child will cover all of our spring events, but you must register online for each individual event). To download and print the form click here. Please note a form must be completed and submitted to the office before your child attends an event.