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Standalone Sermons

Dec 03, 2017 | Rev. Dr. K. Rick Baker

Why the Royal Visit: Jesus came to bring hope

1 Peter 1:20-21

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The marvel of God’s justice is both stunning and sobering…

What you do with Jesus in this lifetime sets up your relationship or non-relationship with God forever. (18-19)

1. Christmas was completely pre-planned; not interpreted after the fact (20).

“chosen before creation”

2. Christmas made the invisible, visible (20)

-“revealed” and continuing to exist

3. Christmas is very personal (20)

“for your sake”

4. Christmas brought the way to God (21)

“Through him, you believe in God”

5. Christmas was so Jesus could defeat death (21)

“God raised him from the dead”

6. Christmas promises that your future is very glorious (21)

“glorified him” 

Christmas was the beginning of the end so the end could be just the beginning.


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