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Hope for Hard Times

Jun 07, 2020 | Rev. Dr. K. Rick Baker


1 Peter 2:4-10

Full Service

1. A Spiritual House—an eternal dwelling place for the Spirit of God (2:5,9).

Spiritual Formation—Discipleship

Living stones—shaped to fit your intended place

Holy Priesthood— offering spiritual sacrifices—from Christ, through Christ, for Christ

2. Led by the Best--Rejection by men is not the standard by which God values things (2:4, 6-8).

Living Stone—have to come to Him and keep coming to Him.

Precious—the God of all the treasures of the universe treasures Christ as precious; that must instruct our affections.

3. Never Disappointed—you can’t lose; forces against can’t win (2:6-8).

Cornerstone/ Capstone—all of human history is required to line up from Jesus out.

Stumbling Stone/ Rock of offence—either come to Christ or you stumble over Him on your self-righteous journey to the God you can never reach.

4. A Multi-Flavoured Chosen Race—an end to racial tension in order to spread all this treasure to the nations.


Chosen Race/ Holy Nation/ A People for God’s Own Possession –a crave-Jesus race, new people group

Proclaiming the excellencies of Christ—spreading our cravings, satisfactions, joys, his love and mercy


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