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Zechariah: The King is Coming

Nov 04, 2018 | Rev. Dr. K. Rick Baker

When Current Affairs around You are in Crisis DO NOT BE AFRAID

Zechariah 6:1-15

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By way of a vision and a prophecy, the LORD God reassured his people that he remains the dominant presence over all global affairs!

When international or personal affairs press in upon you to threaten your peace and calm remember the following four things about the LORD…

1. The POWER of God -- God is omnipotent and has no rivals (6:1-2). - “mountains of bronze”, chariots

2. The PROVIDENCE of God -- God is omniscient and nothing that happens is unknown to him (6: 2,3,6,7; cf. 1:7-15; Rev. 6). - Horses commissioned to patrol the earth

3. The PRESENCE of God – God is omnipresent and there is no place shut out from his reach (6:4-5,7-8; cf. 2:6; Ps 104:4; Jer. 49:36; Ezk. 37:9). - The four winds/ spirits

4. The PLANS of God – God is purposing all things to bring the universe under his rule and reign (6:9-15). - God’s judgment is punitive to the resistant; restorative to the repentant.

God is reshaping his community from a political, national entity to a kingdom that transcends nationalism, politics—the age of the church (Acts 1)

Initial signs of the return of God…

  • Horses chaffing at the bit (7)
  • The sign of a coronation of a priest! (11,13, 14)
  • The Branch (12)
  • The Temple (12,13,15)

Called to establish the rule and reign of Christ in everything we are and do, fearlessly.


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