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Jan 29, 2017 | Rev. Dr. K. Rick Baker

What We Must Do

Exodus 18:1-27

Full Service

“The LORD is greater than all other gods”

God’s people put God on trial (17:7)

A foreign man gives God praise (18:10)

What are we doing? (18:14)

- we live our spiritual lives vicariously through a spiritual leader (13)

- we let someone else do all the heavy spiritual lifting (14,17,18)

we are satisfied with addition even though God wants multiplication (21-23)

Conventional Values

Make converts

Create programs

20% do 80% of work

Laity-led, clergy-driven

Dispenses information

How many?

Unclear discipleship plan

(adapted from “A Certain Kind” E. Chan)

What should we be doing? (20)

God does not want to go through a human agent to get to you; he wants an intimate personal connection (19:19;1 Pet 2:9)

God wants dependence on him alone (Jn. 15:5)

Kingdom work is to be delegated.

Disciple-making Values

Make disciples

Spiritual Maturity

20% equip 80% to minister

Clergy-led, laity-driven

Transforms lives

What kind?

Discipleship pathway

(adapted from “A Certain Kind” E. Chan)

Disciple (20; Matt 28:19, 20)
Traditional Structure

Make known the Word they are to believe  Biblical Vision

Make known the work they are to do  Biblical Mission

Make known the way they are to walk  Biblical Method (Systems)

“The way we are to walk precedes the work we are to do” (E. Chan)

Series Information

We, as a culture, are so concerned about what our rights are; but what are God's rights?