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Elijah & Elisha: Daring Dudes in Dark Days

Aug 22, 2021 | Mark Jealouse

The Lord Gives, and Takes Away, and Gives…God is a Life-Giver

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How is it that after some 2000 years of Christianity, we still find it hard to live without fear and doubt and uncertainty? Why is it so hard to trust God with our everyday issues as well as our most challenging and distressing circumstances? We know so much about God, revealed to us through His Word and His Holy Spirit, yet it is so challenging to live like we really believe that what we know is true.


  • What do we learn about the Shunammite woman?

    • She is Invested - in the ministry of others.
      • Application - Invest your resources into the ministries God puts in your path.
    • She is Content – with her circumstances.
      • Application - Be content in your circumstances, knowing God is in control.
    • She has Deep Need.
      • Application - Remember God knows your deepest unmet need.
    • She has Faith – single-minded, focused solely on God.
      • Application - Keep your faith in God. He alone is the solution to your challenges and your distress.
    • She Worships.
      • Application - Worship appropriately – Recognise and acknowledge that all you have is from God.


  • What do we learn about God?

    • He is Caring.
      • Application – Live in the knowledge that God cares about you.
    • He is Provider.
      • Application – Live in the knowledge that God is your provider.
    • He is Sovereign.
      • Application
        • Resist the temptation to doubt God when He doesn’t do what He did last time, or what He did for someone else.
        • Live in the knowledge that in His sovereignty, sometimes He gives and sometimes He takes away.
        • Trust the sovereignty of God.
      • He is Life-giver.
        • Application – Live in the knowledge that God gives us eternal life.


Regardless of what God gives, and takes away, and gives… Ultimately God is the giver of eternal life.

Let’s live like we believe it!

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