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Dec 18, 2016 | Rev. Dr. K. Rick Baker

The Dawn of Redeeming Grace

Isaiah 9:1-21

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From the midst of the mess… (9:8-10:4)

Arrogance (9:8-12)

“Leaders Who Mislead” (9:13-17)

Brothers Who Don’t Love Brothers (9:18-21)

People Who Abuse People (10:1-4)

How will a Holy God be with an unholy people? (9:1-7)

1. God humbles to bring honour (9:1).

2. God will shatter the yoke of abuse by presenting heaven’s champion (9:2-6).

3. He will be a son and at the same time Mighty God; reign on David’s throne (Jerusalem / Bethlehem) but his light will dawn from Galilee (9:6-7; Matt. 4:12-17).

4 names

- Wonderful Counselor

- Mighty God (10:21)

- Everlasting Father (63:16)

- Prince of Peace (32:14)

4. The wise get in on this and give over the government of their lives to the forever government of the Prince of Peace (9:7)

The zeal of the “I AM” of heavenly armies guarantees this is so.

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We, as a culture, are so concerned about what our rights are; but what are God's rights?