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Zechariah: The King is Coming

Oct 28, 2018 | Rev. Dr. K. Rick Baker

The Danger of Customized Religion

Zechariah 5:1-11

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Those who weaken or warp God’s Word, commit social violence, and replace God with other affections will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

The visions of the Flying Scroll and the Three Women and The Winged Measuring Basket! When the Word of God is customized to justify sin (social violence), the Worship of God is always put at risk of being adulterated.

Two dramatic changes must be in place or be taking place in our lives…

1. The reality of our salvation is the centrality of God’s word which is being written on our hearts by the Holy Spirit (5:1-4).

  • There is no claiming ignorance to God’s ways with those who have God’s words.
  • Whenever or wherever the Word of God is tampered with to suit human depravity, all relationships are placed in jeopardy. Social violence will always bring the discipline of the Lord.
  • If the Written Word interferes with your vision of the Living Word, you have your sights set on a different Living Word. The Word of God is Jesus in written form (John 1:1). 

2. The reality of our salvation is the centrality of our Worship of God (5:5-11).

  • Unless the Word of God is central, the ways of the world will be, and your relationship with God is placed at grave risk.
  • The replacement of God by anything in our lives is the sin of anti-worship.
  • “Shinar” is the symbol of independent human progress—the place of the “progressives.”
  • What you have allowed yourself to be exiled to, you must be exiled from. Idolatry always attracts more sin. What’s going on in “Babylon” needs to stay in “Babylon.”



  • Is your “heart” a garden wherein the Holy Spirit is sewing the Word of God so that a completely reordered new life is springing forth from the inside out?
  • Do you keep defaulting to a customized version of the religious menu or are you committed to God’s truth as delivered?
  • Is Christ the centre and God your goal?
  • Are your activities taking you toward Jesus or away from him?
  • Is church entertainment for you or are you moved toward becoming a living sacrifice?
  • Are you living in such a way that the spiritually curious are brought into the worshipful presence of God just by being around you?


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