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Standalone Sermons

Oct 07, 2018 | Rev. Dr. K. Rick Baker

Thankful? For What Exactly?

Psalms 118:19-29

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Are you thankful for Jesus or are you more thankful for what you get or hope to get from Jesus?

Transactional Religion vs. Transformational Grace

1. There are people who praise Jesus until they discover that his agenda is not the same as theirs. (Ps. 118:25-27; Matt 21:9-11; 27:22-23)

  • They don’t want Jesus; they want exactly what they hope he can give them. Transactional/ consumerists.

2. There are people who appear very religious but trade grace for selfish independence. (Ps. 118: 22; Matt. 21:33-46)

  • They don’t want Jesus—they want his property. Grace robbers and thieves.

What about you?

Is Jesus just an agent of what you really want, or is he who you really want? (Ps. 118:28-29)




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