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Hope for Hard Times

Aug 30, 2020 | Jim Neville

Spot The Fake!

2 Peter 2:10-22

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False teachers are dangerous and expert deceivers. There are some things that we need to be on the lookout for that help identify them..

1. They are TOTALLY SELF-ABSORBED - They are only concerned with taking care of themselves – v.10b-1.2

-They reject all authorities, good or evil (v.10b-11; Jude 8,9)
-They are motivated by their sin. (v.12)

2. They are unashamedly driven by greed and are TOTALLY LUSTFUL – v.13-16.

-They satisfy the cravings of the flesh wanting to exploit others for their own personal gain.
-They shamelessly revel out in the open. (v.13)

3. They are TOTALLY DECEITFUL – v.17. – Full of empty promises.

-They over-promise and under-deliver

4. They are TOTALLY FAKE – v.18-22 – Where’s The Fruit?

- You will recognize them by their fruit (Matt 7:15-16a)

How Do We Guard Against False Teaching?

1. Recognize God’s word as the ultimate authority.
2. Submit to the authority of his word through obedience
3. Stay in community with those who display the fruit.


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