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Standalone Sermons

Dec 22, 2019 | Rev. Dr. K. Rick Baker

Rock Solid Christmas Realities: A Saviour is Born

Luke 2:1-20

Full Service

1. God moved heaven and earth to have Jesus born in Bethlehem—it is not too hard for him to do that to have Jesus born in your heart or the hearts of your family/ friends (v.1-10)

  • Mysterious census of 8-6BC

  • No physical advantages needed

2. Christ is God’s GOOD NEWS of great joy to the world (11)

  • “Saviour” Caesar decrees a census—Saviour Christ decrees salvation

  • Not only Saviour but Christ, and Lord.

3. God did not choose a “privileged” life for the incarnation—he purposed the opposite that the Son might experience the hardships of living in this broken world (12, 16)

  • A manger

  • Wrapped in clothes—temple shepherds protecting sacrificial lambs

4. Christ is for “all the people”—anybody and ordinary-bodies, but not everybody. (13, 14, 20)

  • Glory to God—peace to those on whom his favour rests

  • The graced give glory to God

5. What God declares, he keeps—go and see if it isn’t so! (15-20)

  • Praise both precedes openness to God’s invitation and is a response to it

  • The Saviour, Messiah, Lord sits enthroned over every excuse (Lk. 22:69)


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