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Hope for Hard Times

Jul 05, 2020 | Kelvin Kauffeldt

Responding Under Fire

1 Peter 3:8-22

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3 Discipleship truths for responding under fire:

1. Followers of Christ are called to bless other (vs.8-22)

  • requires 'circling our wagons' and living together in biblical community
  • 'repay evil with blessing' v.9
  • includes finding ways to serve your enemies, praying for them, expressing thankfulness for them, speaking well of them and even desiring their well being
  • 'because to this you were called...' vs.9
  • 'so that you may inherit a blessing' vs.9

2. Followers of Christ are called blessed when we suffer (vs.13-17)

  • Matt. 5:10, Acts 5:41
  • "right theology always precedes right living" CJ Mahaney
  • do not fear threats, revere Christ as Lord, always be prepared to give an answer and do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience 
  • trust in the fact that God is in control and He is 'calling the shots'

3. Followers of Christ must recall salvation is our ultimate blessing (vs.18-22)

  • John 3:16
  • We have been brought to God through Christ (vs.18)
  • Christ our example completely understands suffering unjustly (vs.18)
  • Christ our Lord was ultimately vindicated through His resurrection ensuring our future victory as well (vs.19-22)


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