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A Certain Kind: Discipleship Essentials

Oct 13, 2019 | Rev. Dr. K. Rick Baker

How Thanksgiving Protects Your Soul

Colossians 1:28-2:8

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Suffering shakes the believer’s sense of security like nothing else in life. Are you vulnerable or impervious? Of the multiple weapons evil spiritual forces utilize, mind games (2:4,8) are the favoured, especially during seasons of physical suffering (1:24). If the evil one can get your mind, he will get your heart.

To those who have the hope of glory—Christ in you! (1:27), the goal is your MATURITY, so that you will remain firm in your faith in Christ (2:5).

So that you are not easily deceived into trading all the treasures and wisdom of Christ for “fine-sounding arguments” (2:4,5)…

  • Let encouragement flow liberally because discouragement can cause people to look elsewhere.

  • Lavish love on each other because love takes the truth and embeds it into a tight emotional bond and firm convictions (3:14)

Promise - your understanding of what you have in Christ soars (2:2,3).

So that you are not duped into filling yourself with the emptiness of “hollow and deceptive philosophies” rather than the all-sufficiency of Christ (2:8, 9f)…

To your right start, continue by…(2:6,7)

  • Remaining, through Christ
  • Being built up, through Christ
  • Being strengthened, through Christ
  • Overflowing with thankfulness to Christ

…so that you are not an easy pickoff for doubt, fear, and anxiety that drives you from the fullness you have in Christ (2:10) to go shopping for alternative dependencies (2:8). 

Is Jesus enough? Thanksgiving guards your heart from making a fatally wrong decision to that question.


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