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Elijah & Elisha: Daring Dudes in Dark Days

Aug 29, 2021 | Jim Neville

How involved is God in the routine requirements of our lives?

2 Kings 4:38-44

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Question: Is it your desire to give God all of the praise that He is due?

1. God is the SUPREME RESTORER – God restores both the extraordinary and the seemingly ordinary. (v.38-41)

We must remember what God has done and respond with faith (v.41) – God takes care of the basics.

2. God is the SUPREME PROVIDER – God provides for the needs of his people in abundance. (v.42-44)

God does what is impossible for us, declaring to his people that we only need to look to Him for the things that you need.

3. There will be “famines” in our lives.
Even though we can’t control the famine, we do have the ability to control how we respond to them when they come.

He has impeccable attention to detail when it comes to every aspect of our lives.

4. Respond with Thanksgiving.
Let’s live as people who overflow with gratitude to God who has gone to such incredible lengths to restore undeserving people back to him because he loves us.

Let’s live as people who live with an abundance of thanksgiving, searching for opportunities to offer up praise and worship.



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