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Elijah & Elisha: Daring Dudes in Dark Days

Sep 05, 2021 | Kelvin Kauffeldt

God’s Grace

2 Kings 5:1-27

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There is the potential in all of us to become so used to God’s undeserved favour which He extends to us on a daily basis that we can begin to take it for granted, even to the point where it no longer amazes us.

Critical question we must all answer: “How am I handling God’s grace in my life?” With care or recklessly?

2 Kings 5; a classic illustration of God’s grace and the differing responses to that grace.

Three aspects of God’s grace, clearly on display that if we remember will serve us well in ensuring that we handle His grace in our lives with care.

1. God’s grace is AMAZING! (Vs. 1-18)
- God is lavishly generous with his grace, pouring it out upon those who are especially undeserving (Rom. 5:10).
- Highlights of God’s gracious moves on Naaman’s behalf;

Vs. 1- While an enemy of God, God was enabling him to be victorious. (God’s common grace, Mt. 5:45)
Vs. 2-3 – God strategically places a young Israelite girl to offer Naaman HOPE.
Vs. 5-6 – God graciously grants him favour with his master.
Vs. 8 – God causes Elisha to have compassion for a king who did not deserve it.
Vs. 10 – God graciously provides him with the ‘prescription’ to be cleansed of his disease.
Vs. 11-13 – God graciously uses Naaman’s servants to persuade him to obey.
Vs. 14 – God graciously heals him according to His word.

We need to regularly take time to reflect on all the gracious ‘moves’ God made on our behalf in order to draw us to Himself and change our lives forever. His grace is AMAZING!

2. God’s grace transforms lives (Vs. 15-18)

In Naaman’s life;
Vs. 15 – God’s grace humbled Naaman.
Vs. 15 – God’s grace changed what Naaman believed.
Vs. 17 – God’s grace transformed Naaman from being an enemy of God to an active worshipper of God.
Vs. 18 – God’s grace motivated Naaman to want to please God.

In the young Israelite girl’s life;
Vs. 3. – God’s grace grows in individuals a compassion for others and emboldens people to testify of their faith in God even in the midst of difficult times.

In Elisha’s life;
Vs. 10-16 – God’s grace causes individuals to intentionally not seek praise or credit.

Checklist to evaluate if we are handling God’s grace in our lives with care;
- Am I humble?
- Am I convinced of the truth (head-heart-hands)
- Am I an active worshipper (both lifestyle and corporately)
- Am I motivated to please God?
- Am I compassionate towards others?
- Am I testifying of my faith in God with others?
- Am I intentional to not steal any of God’s glory by seeking praise and credit?

3. God’s grace should not be taken advantage of (Vs. 19-27)
-When we choose to follow our ways rather than God’s ways, things begin to unravel real quickly (Gen. 3).
- God is gracious but not to be trifled with (Rom. 6:1)

May we never become blind or callous to God’s amazing grace, but rather handle it with care and see it in all of life, especially in the weak, humble and foolish things.

God’s grace is AMAZING, it TRANSFORMS LIVES and should NOT be taken advantage of.


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