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God Has Something to Say to You

Apr 08, 2018 | Rev. Dr. K. Rick Baker

God has something to say to you about building God’s house in a time of spiritual frustration

Haggai 1:1-2:23

Full Service

What happens when we become satisfied worshiping among the “ruins” and neglect the mission to advertise the reality of Almighty God.

Why it happens… to the right people in the right place at the right time for the right reason--

  • We don’t want to work that hard or sacrifice that much.
  • We are afraid (don’t believe) that God is not that powerful.

-We don’t believe he will reward.
-We don’t get the connection between our sin and withheld blessing.

    “GIVE CAREFUL THOUGHT TO YOUR WAYS” (1:5,7; 2:15,18)

    your convictions, so you can deal with your inverted priorities (1:1-15)

    The sign of inverted priorities is excuses for not making yourself fully available to the work of the Lord.


    Re-evaluate your motivation, so you can deal with your misplaced passion (2:1-9)

    Never allow the glory of the work to become more important than the glory of the Lord.


    Re-assess your cleanliness, so you can deal with your mission fitfulness (2:10-19)

    Put your spiritual house in order or your material house will suffer.

    You cannot be a handler of sin and hope righteous work will bring personal cleanup or holy results.


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