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God Has Something to Say to You

Mar 04, 2018 | Rev. Dr. K. Rick Baker

God Has Something to Say to You about a Cold Heart

Jonah 1:1-4:11

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1. God is as interested in your transformation as he is in completing the task he assigns you (Jon. 1:1-12).

                  You are God’s concern and not just his mission agent (1:1).

                  You run away from mission because you are running away from God (1:9-12)

  • If you are living in denial about yourself, you are hardly in a position to live in denial of yourself (cf. Matt. 16:24)—WHO ARE YOU?
  • You must face what you have been denying about yourself, before you can ever embark on the transformational mission of denying yourself—GOD’S WORD ALWAYS FORCES THE IDENTITY QUESTION!

2. As huge debtors to God’s grace, He deserves far better than your coldness, your clinging idols, and your contempt (Jon. 2; 4:1,2).

                  You are in the crosshairs of God’s undeserved favour!

  • Nobody can save themselves.

God sent a great wind.

God brought calm to the sea.

God provided a great fish.

God provided a shady vine.

God provided a hungry worm.

God provided a scorching east wind and blazing sun.

  • “Salvation comes from the LORD.”

3. God is as concerned about the misery of the lost as he is angry at their evil (Jon. 3; 4).

                  God is mobilized first by your misery and then those you can touch with his grace. 

  • You will never benefit from being a middleman of God’s grace transactions, until your obedience comes from brokenness and not just fear of discipline or cultural pressure (4:1-5).
  • You will never really become a trafficker of God’s love while you yourself remain addicted to your own comfort (feelings)—(4:9). 


Are you angry…about mission…at God?

  • Running away
  • Forcing yourself to obey
  • Addicted to your own comfort
  • Cold-hearted toward others

Do you have any right to be angry?

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