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MARK: The Gospel for Stressful Times

Mar 15, 2020 | Rev. Dr. K. Rick Baker

Countdown to Calvary

Mark 14:1-26

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If you bring your own agenda to God, you will tragically miss out on what could have been.

  • Positional enhancement
  • Careful, calculated commitment
  • Material advancement
  • Ritualized formality
  • Deism—God as permissive spectator

Many people can’t see who Jesus really is because they are blinded by their own agenda-driven emotions. Just about every type surfaced on the way to Calvary…

1. When Jesus threatens your preferred position - what hate does (14:1-2)

Jesus will not endorse status quo agendas that are in conflict with the will and ways of God.

2. When Jesus is your life - what love does (14:3-9)

Love for Jesus doesn’t count the cost.

3. When Jesus interferes with your material addictions - what greed does (14:10-11)

Jesus is neither a cash cow nor available to be used as an expected means to material ends.

4. When Jesus is your salvation - what God’s love is (14:12-26)

Sin (i.e. inadvertently or deliberately refusing God’s ways) makes a costly mess of everything and Jesus will not support the mess.


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