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The Great Christmas Recall

Dec 09, 2018 | Rev. Dr. K. Rick Baker

Christmas: A Recall on Humanism/ Liberalism

John 1:1-2

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Product Recall Description: VOICES

  • A pre-pagan humanist worldview –“fashionable truth”
  • A progressive conservative evangelicalism – shaky confidence

Is Jesus just a great human and the Scriptures lovely ideas of a divine-like worldview?

Before the Son was a baby in a manger, he was the LOGOS of God. The Christmas recall resets our approach to the Word of God, living and recorded, consider…

1. Just how ancient is Jesus and what is his connection to the Scriptures?

“In the beginning was the Word…”

  • The Word did not come into being nor was there ever a time when the Word was not.
  • Jesus is the Word

2. Just how vitally interested is God in making his person known and his “words” more than just concepts/ ideas?

And the Word was with God…”

The Son was with the Father from the beginning. (2)

3. Who is Jesus in reference to God?

And the Word was God.”

  • “Whatever you can say about God, you can/must say about the Word. Whatever is divine about God is also possessed by the Word.”
  • “The deeds and words of Jesus are the deeds and words of God.” (Barrett)
  • All Scripture is God breathed (Apostle Paul)—all Scripture is the words of Jesus and in original can only be flawed if Jesus is flawed, if God is flawed.

Jesus is God-in flesh—there is no other God.

Unless you come to Jesus, any recall is futile –turn your defective life in for a re-created model.



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