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Joy Happens

Aug 26, 2018 | Rev. Dr. K. Rick Baker

A Thank You Note that Went Viral

Philippians 4:10-20

Full Service

Emotional Wholeness through Spiritual Fullness because of Christ-Centredness

Do not get caught coasting on your position in Christ; your position is to ignite a passion to practice the presence of Jesus so you can experience all the benefits of the power of Jesus.

1. Whatever the circumstances, lean into the benefits the strength of Jesus provides (4:12-13). 

In whatever Christ permits life to deal you, he promises the power, through his presence, to sustain you (“this” NIV 2011)

 2. Get loosened from dependence on yours’ and others’ possessions, so you can finally feel free to make ALL of your assets available for Christ’s mission (4:19).

 Will you be amply supplied?
What do you need to know about wealth management as a citizen of heaven?

  • Vested concern about the mission and its messengers shows in practical ways (10-11).

“The accomplishment of God’s purposes does not depend on human help…however, when we give, we confirm that God is at work in us for the ultimate purpose of salvation.” (Thielman)

  • In the matter of giving and receiving, the gospel is not for sale; it is free, but the mission of the gospel costs money. (15-16)
  • Sharing in the input means sharing in the output—you get to pad your heavenly credit rating using God’s resources to boot! (17)
  • Lots of layers of accountability prevent abuses or appearance of abuse (cf. 2 Cor. 8:20-21).
  • Your offering, your sacrifice is your thank you note to God for his investment in you (18).
  • If you take care of God’s business, he takes care of yours—“according to” (19).

Final thoughts on guarding yourself against the rot of the affluent west…

  • Detach your LIVING from your money.
  • Refuse to need it for contentment.
  • Refuse to keep it from the mission of the gospel.


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