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Jesus: The Reason for the Season

Dec 27, 2020 | Mark Jealouse

A Saviour Like No Other!

Luke 2:1-20

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Jesus is not just a Saviour, He is a Saviour like No Other!

1. Jesus is Authority, not under authority.

  • Jesus transcended human authority in His coming.
  • Jesus is not controlled by earthly governmental authority. Not then and not now.

2. Jesus came in Humility rather than pomp and fanfare.

Look at the contrast between the proper rights of Messiah and the humble circumstances of His birth.

  • Bethlehem, not Jerusalem.
  • Manger, not a cradle.
  • Announced to shepherds, not religious leaders.
  • The humble circumstances of Jesus’ birth signalled He would be a different kind of Saviour.
  • Do not be surprised when you are surprised by God.
  • God does not always act in the manner we might expect.

3. Jesus is More than anyone expected.

  • Saviour – Deliverer, Protector, Preserver – not like Augustus, bringing political peace and stability, but a
  • Saviour from sin and death
  • Christ – Messiah – The Anointed One – King – the fulfillment of messianic prophecy
  • Lord – Ruler – the Covenant Name of God
  • A Saviour - Who is Messiah - Who is God

4. If Jesus is a Saviour like no other, how do we respond?

  • Receive Him as Saviour and Lord today.
  • Let your knowledge of Jesus increase your love for Him.
  • Let your love for Jesus increase your trust in Him.
  • Let your trust in Jesus increase your obedience to Him.
  • Humble yourself in obedience to God, imitating Christ’s humility

Jesus is a Saviour Like No Other!


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