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Standalone Sermons

May 12, 2019 | Mark Jealouse

A Persistent Mother

Matthew 15:21-28

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Who do we go to when we need help? Why?
How do we approach the One who can help us?

1. Recognize Who Jesus is.
- Lord - Messiah - Saviour.

2. Recognize that Jesus came for everyone.
Jew, Gentile, Male, Female, Every Ethnicity.
Every Situation – the very best (by human terms) and the very worst.
There is hope for everyone in Christ Jesus.

Approach Jesus in Faith, with Humility and Persistence.

God given – not your own.
- You can’t approach God without the faith He gives you to approach Him.
You need to exercise your faith – otherwise it is dead (James 2:14-26).

- You need to understand your position before God.
- You are totally reliant upon His grace

Never give up asking.
In order to answer your prayers, God must be able and willing.

Has God given you Faith in Him today?
Exercise your Faith! Approach Him in Faith, with Humility and Persistence.





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