Every Sunday, from 06/28/2020 to 09/06/2020, 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Location: 300 Campus, 300 Rossland Road East, Oshawa, ON CA L1G 2X1

Following all provincial health guidelines, EXPEDITION will be filled with exciting activities, competitions, interactive Bible teaching sessions, and a great time of Junior Highs socializing together.

Junior Highs will tackle some of life's toughest questions and journey through the Bible, "Getting a Solid Grip" on truth and discovering that God's word contains the answers that we need. Junior Highs will learn how to defend their faith on key topics where the culture points to naturalism instead of God as the cause for existence, purpose, morality, and destiny.

What Your Junior High needs to Do:
Pre-register: so that we stay within the 30% capacity of the room we will be meeting in, Junior Highs must pre-register in order to gather with us Sunday morning. A pre-registration email will be sent out weekly. In that email will also be a set of health screening questions that each student must answer.

Bring a Mask: although not mandatory in Ontario where physical distancing is possible, to show great care to one another and our neighbours, we are asking each student who wants to participate in EXPEDITION - Sunday WREC to wear a mask. Wearing a mask during our ministry time together will help our Junior Highs and their leaders feel less restricted as we gather. We appreciate your cooperation in this.

Social Distancing: our seating will be pre-arranged so that safe distances are kept during our time together

Dismissal: Junior Highs will come directly to us @9AM
Location: 300 Rossland (Fellowship Hall)

For more info, email Matthew Jones at 

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