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Zechariah: The King is Coming

Dec 02, 2018 | Rev. Dr. K. Rick Baker

Wander lost or WalkSTRONG?

Zechariah 10:1-12

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“Either the Bible has final authority and determines what in culture is acceptable or unacceptable, or the culture has final authority over the Bible and determines what in the text is acceptable or not acceptable.” (Tim Keller, “Centre Church”) Once you cherry pick the Scriptures, you give full authority to the culture.

“In God We Trust” is either just a slogan or it is your identity.

We are all a product of the leadership either imposed on us or allowed to influence us. Believing this to be true, what changes would you make in your life, starting right now?

Consider two alternatives in leadership…

1. Directionless leadership (shepherds) produces wander-weak people (Zech. 10:1-2).

  • If God fails to act, people fail to LIVE!
  • If people view God’s messaging through the lens of their own sinful preferences, they will wander aimlessly.

God will eventually bring down people-pleasing, self-serving, politicized, leadership (10:3a).

2. “Cornerstone” leadership (Lordship) makes people walkSTRONG (Zech. 10:3b-12).

  • Restoration of the misled is assured
  • Reunification of the scattered is promised
  • Rescue of the troubled is certain


Strengthened, in the LORD;
In HIS name, will march!



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