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MARK: The Gospel for Stressful Times

Apr 19, 2020 | Rev. Dr. K. Rick Baker

The Tomb is empty. Jesus is alive. NOW WHAT?

Mark 10:13-31

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Now, about following this Risen Christ, how can I get in on this? What do I need to know?

1. Become like a little child. (10:13-16)

Command - Don’t spiritually mess up children

Warning - Get off your high horse

Conversion is receiving the kingdom the way a child receives it.

2. Your good isn’t good enough—Follow Jesus. (10:17-22)

Only God is good.

Repent. Do not defraud (apostereo)…one thing you lack (hustereo)

Demonstrate evidence of faith by turning from indulging yourself to denying yourself and follow me.

Following good Jesus is the only way into the good Kingdom of a good God.

3. Salvation is “impossible” but worth it. (10:23-31)

“Who then can be saved?”(26) “What must I do to inherit eternal life?”(17) A human mission impossible made possible by God.

Will leaving everything to follow Jesus be compensated? (28)

Not that you’ve paid so much for Jesus, Peter—but that God has paid so much for YOU! Rom. 8:32

In leaving everything you will receive much more; many who are last (least) in this world will find they are first in the world to come. The first in this present world will be last and shut out of the world to come (31). YES following Jesus now is and will be worth it!



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