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Elijah & Elisha: Daring Dudes in Dark Days

Oct 17, 2021 | Rev. Nick Doyle

The Final Act & In Death

2 Kings 13:10-25

Full Service

On his deathbed, the prophet Elisha helps a king in his final act of service:

1. Recognize the Power of God - King Jehoash recognized the power of God in Elisha’s life.
- A life lived in obedience draws a crowd
- We all reflect something

2. Experience the power of God - King Jehoash experienced the power of God through Elisha’s life.
- Hand over hand blessing
- Prepare the house, open the window and “shoot”
- The Lord’s Arrow of Victory- do you have it?

3. Exposes the danger of half-hearted religious affiliation-King Jehoash fails to give his all in completing his assigned task.
- Only three times
- Be warned

In the grave, the prophet Elisha continues to used by God
- The resurrection
- The promise

Elisha was a farmer who lived with his parents. He was bald and carried a staff. He was dedicated to the mission of God, and he lived his life not in fear but faith, listening and obeying the commands given to him by God himself. Elisha was a real daring dude. He was not afraid of conflict, and he certainly wasn't conflicted about telling the truth- especially the truth about God and his plans.



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