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A Certain Kind: Discipleship Essentials

Mar 03, 2019 | Rev. Dr. K. Rick Baker

Make FaceTime for God: PRAYER MATTERS

Luke 11:1-13

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Satan not only wants to keep us sinning, he wants to keep us hiding.

WHY Pray?

  • God is a good good Father (11:11-13)
  • Asking God matters (11:5-10)

Prayer is how God’s people benefit from the reign of Christ and His open-handed access to the blessings of the age to come—“your kingdom come.”


“Lord, teach us to pray.”

1. Reverently—God is your Father, not your buddy or dispensary.

Our chief concern is God and His glory through us; the Father concerns himself with us.

2. Submissively—God is your King

Our present experience of the glorious rule of Christ and His future reign.

3. Dependently—God is your Provider

Our trust and dependence are only as real as our prayer life is robust.

4. Repentantly—God is your Pardoner

Our own forgiveness leads us to practice what we are receiving. 

5. Fearfully—God is your Protector

Our proneness to sin requires being led far from tempting things.


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