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MARK: The Gospel for Stressful Times

Aug 11, 2019 | Rev. Dr. K. Rick Baker

The Stress of Not Enough

Mark 6:30-43

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Did Jesus know there would be no rest and much need? To those living dissatisfied and deficient—none of us bring enough or have enough to be really satisfied. For this reason much of our lives are about the discovery of what we don’t have to show what God does have.

Needy and uncared for people are of great concern to God, because they are doing without what they could have—and that is tragic—so he began teaching the shepherdless MANY things and feeding the hungry until they were satisfied (heart and hands ministry combo).

Of note…

1. When God leads you to see a need, he plans to use you to meet it… but never without the risk of faith.

- you feed them

2. Your inadequacy is an opportunity for God to display his sufficiency… but recognizing your inadequacy is necessary to finally realizing the need for Christ’s sufficiency.

- how many loaves do you have? Go look!

3. Place all you have in the hands of Christ, and when all is said and done, you will have more at the end than you had at the beginning… because in God’s hands there is always more than enough.

- He kept giving to the disciples to set before the people. They ALL ate and were SATISFIED, and  picked up twelve FULL baskets of broken pieces. 

What Shepherd Kings do…

  • THEN--Jesus, the greater Moses—only God can cater in the desert (Num. 11:23)
  • NOW--Jesus the Good Shepherd—“have all the people sit down in groups in the green grass” (Num. 27:15-17; Ps. 23)
  • To COME--Jesus the host of the salvation banquet (Is. 55:1,2)

Jesus brings life-giving food and left-overs for your soul.


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