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Jesus: Story Teller

Jul 03, 2016 | Rev. Dwayne Francois

The Last Will Be First: 
A Parable of Amazing Grace

Matthew 20:1-16

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1.If you think you are in contract God for “first will be first” wages you are totally missing out on amazing grace. (Matthew 20:1-2)

The target audience for this parable is anyone who believes themselves as "first and deserving” Sometimes we feel entitled to what God wants to give away freely.

2. Don’t complain when you see grace in action. (Matthew 20:11-13)

Grace is an affront to those who want to distinguish themselves by effort. "Give me what is owed because my work is worth it." Grace seems to devalue their work and they feel ripped off. God does recognize the value of your effort. But that's not grace.

3. Grace is still available at the eleventh hour. (Matthew 20:6-9)

God is constantly looking for people to join his work and experience his gracious nature - he keeps going out to look until the end of the day.


Series Information

Jesus used many teachable stories, or parables, to help people understand The Kingdom.