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God Has Something to Say to You

Feb 18, 2018 | Rev. Nick Doyle

Roaring Like a Lion

Amos 1-9

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  1. Do you hear the word of God preached like a raging fire only to get up and walk out dragging your sin behind you?
  2. Do you come in every Sunday chained to habits that you want to be freed from but for some reason, each week you leave,  chained?
  3. Do you ever measure your life, your actions, and your thoughts against God’s expectations? Do you take a serious, personal account of your life and match your life to the standard of God’s word?
  4. Are you tired of Sin?
  5. Are you ever scared that someone will find out about the sin you trying to cover up?

1. Yahweh’s irresistible word- Amos 3:1-8 says: The Lion has roared who will not fear? The Sovereign Lord has spoken- who can prophesy?

  • The Word of God will accomplish all it has set out to do. His words are not like our words.
  • There is tension is between the blessings and the pain of God word.

2. Yahweh’s Sovereignty  - 1:2, 3:8 and 4:6-11

  • God is the supreme ruler over creation, the nations, the calling of leaders, over prosperity and judgement
  • The sin of self-indulgence and false of religion is running rampant in the family of God and Amos reminds them of who’s in control.

3.Yahweh’s elect 2:9-11, 3:1-2; 8:7

  • What a privilege it is to be graced by God.
  • For us to discredit God is outrageous.
  • The Book of Amos gives warning to those called out ones who want to live their life claiming the special position of the elect but residing in disobedience

4. Yahweh’s rejections of their lifestyle

  • Enslaved countrymen for petty debts (2:6, 8:6)
  • Perverting justice to underprivileged (2:7-8)
  • Incest (2:7)
  • Harsh Taxation (2:8; 3:10; 5:11)
  • Persecuting righteous prophets (2:12; 3:8; 7:12)
  • Living high on the backs of the poor (4:1; 6:1-6)
  • Ignoring warnings (disasters) (4:6-11)
  • Insincere worship (5:4-5)
  • Resting in military might (3:11, 6:2)
  • Enjoying covenant privilege without regard to covenant responsibility (3:1-2)

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