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Nov 20, 2016 | Kelvin Kauffeldt

King Saul: Just Cause for Dismissal

1 Samuel 15:1-23

Why did you not obey the Lord? (15:19)

God is not impressed simply with good starts (4-7) it's how we finish the race that matters!

1 Corinthians 9:24,2 Timothy 4:7

God is not impressed when we tweak His commands (8-9)

His commands and instructions are not up for debate! They are to be followed(12:14-15)

When we begin to tweak God's Word, we replace His authroity with our opinion. We begin to think we have the right to determine what is right or dispised when that has already been established by God.

we must take God's word seriously, it must occupy first place in our lives.

John 14:21-23

God is not impressed when we try to spiritualize our sin (12-20)

Mixing the right words and actions while living in disobedience to God's commands won't cut it

obedience trumps sacrifice (22)

God does not take rebellion and arrogance lightly (23)

Total wholehearted obedience is what impresses the Lord.

Deut. 10:12

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We, as a culture, are so concerned about what our rights are; but what are God's rights?