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Joy Happens

May 20, 2018 | Rev. Dr. K. Rick Baker

How Joy Happens

Philippians 1:1-11

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Two approaches in the quest for joy


We should reset our approach and attitude to our faith so we can engage in the joy we are meant to experience, that…
1. Joy happens when you know who you really are (1:1-2).
  • Not until you realize you were born a slave to sin can you fully appreciate the joy of being reborn a slave to Christ (1).
  • Since you are a believer, you are a saint; not by self-effort or behaviour, but just because you have been called out by God.
  • At peace with God because he chose to first rest his grace on you.
2. Joy happens when you know what you have (1:3-8).
  • An uncommon “communion created by God” (Boice), unified, not by social or racial interests, but by a share in a common truth (4).
  • Confidence in God as finisher of what he has started (5).
  • Entirely certain that our rich fellowship will result in tangible evidence of God’s grace through you, whether the times are good and productive or difficult and lean (7,8).
3. Joy happens when you know what you can be (1:9-11).
  • Unbounded in love shaped by Scriptural knowledge (9).
  • A Son-tested life for maximizing best works to benefit others (10).
  • A righteous fruit tree that nourishes everyone and brings glory and praise to God (11).
Joy happens because Christ happened; who places us in sweet communion with one another.


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