Local Ministries

Serving God at home

In Durham, the ends of the earth have come to us - through the local university campus - and the church should be among the first to welcome these ends. You can read of the ongoing opportunity in a recent article published online by ChristianWeek.org, International ministry grows at Ontario's fastest growing university. Listed below are four (4) opportunities that individual church members and families can take advantage of in bridging the gap between the Body of Christ and the International Students of Oshawa. (first presented Sunday night, January 13th@Calvary Baptist Church)

Serving food on-campus through The Refuge

Calvary's local ministry partners, The Refuge Outreach, have been invited by the university (UOIT) to serve food on-campus to students who are going without, included in these are International Students. The Refuge have asked Calvary and the partnering churches for a "purpose-driven" volunteer force to take this food, prepare it, and serve it to the students. If you would like to be included in this, contact the Director

Canadian Network of Ministries to Muslims Durham

The Canadian Network of Ministries to Muslims (CNMM) is a national network of groups dedicated to praying and reaching Muslims in Canada. Within these groups are missionaries, former Muslims turned Christian; but the majority of attendees are lay volunteers looking to be used by God to rescue the International communities in their cities under Islam for Jesus Christ. The CNMM provides training, local mission opportunities, and the fellowship necessary to accomplish the task. The Durham chapter of CNMM meets monthly, to find out where they're meeting and to join them contact Steve at

English as a Second Language

There are two "needs" that new International Students to Oshawa require that we - Canadians who are in Christ - possess: English and Jesus. The first is an immediate need that students know they must address, the second a felt need that will be revealed as a relationship is established. Through English as a Second Language (ESL) we at Calvary can address the first need, all the while building a relationship for the second and more important. If you can read and comprehend these words, then you are qualified. If you are interested, please contact Pastor Kelvin at

Hosting an International Student in your home

What a great opportunity this is, to open your home to an International Student seeking a "cultural exchange". As followers of Christ, our culture is wrapped-up in our identity through Jesus! Typically students stay for four months, and during that time the host family receives payment in exchange for a room and sharing supper together around the family table every evening. If you are wanting to talk with someone from Calvary who has experience hosting International Students and could answer your questions and point you in the right direction, Tim at